Hawkins-Gignac Foundation for CO Education Receives $10k From 100 Women Who Care Oxford

Posted on 20.07.2021 in the General category

The Hawkin-Gignac Foundation for Carbon Monoxide Education (www.endthesilence.ca) was nominated in October of 2020 and ultimately selected as the winner of a donation up to $10,000, from the 100 Women Who Care Oxford. The donated funds will go to the Foundation to be used for charitable work in Oxford County.

“This is an amazing donation for the Hawkins-Gignac Foundation. It will allow us to provide much needed CO education in Oxford, at ground zero,” Says John Gignac, Executive Director at the Foundation and uncle of OPP Constable Laurie Hawkins, who died with her husband Richard and children Casandra and Jordon from CO exposure in Woodstock, in 2008. “This just feels right. To be putting a major focus on working on a CO safety campaign where Laurie and her family lived, played and worked and tragically, where they died,” he adds.

The funds, which have partially been donated to the Foundation, will be used by the foundation to purchase new CSA approved CO alarms, to distribute within Oxford to families and household who need them most. Currently $4,100 has been donated, with remainder coming as the 100 Women collect from their members, which has been challenging during the COVID pandemic, as meetings were cancelled.

“I remember that day in 2008 in Woodstock. I know how deeply that tragedy affected the Oxford community and can only imagine how it affected the Hawkins and Gignac families. This is why the 100 Women Who Care Oxford are ecstatic to present John Gignac and his family’s foundation with this donation,” says Giselle Lutfallah, Member of 100 Women Who Car Oxford.

100 Women Who Care meet four times per year to select a charitable group to donate to. The basic idea is that by pooling donations from many members they can have a greater financial impact upon many charities in Oxford County. To learn more go to http://onlyfamilymatters.ca/100-women-who-care-oxford.html

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