End the Silence

What A Loss To Die Over Something So Preventable

Wow, great job. We should have done this years http://viagrapillnow.com/ ago for my Dad. We lost my Dad to CO on Feb 6, 2003 in Quispamsis NB. I have been trying to educate everyone I know about the dangers of CO and I have never understood why there has been so much education about fire and flame and very little about CO. It doesn’t make sense to me.

My Dad was 48 years old with a loving family, children and wife. He left such a hole in our lives it will never be filled. What a loss to die over something so senseless and preventable. A freak accident related to our fireplace (no blockage, no build up) just a freak mystery.

I commend you and your work.

E. Clow

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