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CO Awareness Week Interview Opportunity


Hawkins-Gignac Foundation for CO Education Takes Pulse
on How Homeowners Have Responded to Ontario’s CO Alarm Law

The Hawkins-Gignac Foundation has commissioned a new Home Owners’ CO Awareness Poll to provide insight into how Ontarians have been impacted by the new law mandating the installation of Carbon Monoxide Alarms.  John Gignac, the Executive Director of the Hawkins-Gignac Foundation for CO Education is available for interviews leading up to and during Ontario’s CO Awareness Week, which runs Tuesday, November 1st to Monday, November 7th.

Discussion Points:

Interview Avails:

John Gignac will be in Toronto Tuesday, November 1st on the kick-off day for CO Awareness Week.  He can appear for in studio segments that morning and late afternoon, he can do phone interviews throughout the day, and he will be on hand at Queen’s Park at 3:00 pm when Ernie Hardeman, MPP (Oxford) acknowledges CO Awareness Week in the Legislature. John can be available in the Queen’s Park Gallery for interviews from 2:30 to about 3:30.

Gignac is also available for phone interviews leading up to and during CO awareness week.

For More Information and Bookings Contact:  Conrad Galambos, 905-979-7039, cgalambos@sympatico.ca

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