End the Silence

We Were Lucky

I just found your site and wanted to say thank-you. My husband is an RCMP Sgt and when we moved to a force house in 2002 we all suffered CO poisoning from a leaky furnace. We thought it was mould and we kept the windows cracked. We had a plug in detector that went off when I started the furnace up again for the winter.

Anyways, we were lucky. We had low-level long term poisoning and are not sure what that entails except it has definitely affected our frontal lobe functioning from the testing we have had done. Our boys seem to have adapted to their loss by learning in other ways.

I will share your site on my daily blog as I think you are doing very important work. People seemed shocked that we got CO poisoning and the doctors are very unaware. That first winter when we were all sick we went every couple of weeks to complain of headaches, sore throats, nausea etc… I was diagnosed with the Baby Blues, the flu, SAD etc. We’ve spent huge amount of time and money on specialists and testing for our kids and this could have been avoided if we were more aware.

Take care, and keep up the important work,

K. MacLeod

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