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These heartfelt public service messages recount the tragic events that served as a catalyst for the new CO Alarm law in Ontario, and the growing momentum to make CO Alarms mandatory in every Canadian jurisdiction.

New CO AWARENESS WEEK PSA by Hawkins-Gignac Foundation featuring Ontario’s Lieutenant Governor

Preview Lieutenant Governor CO AWARENESS WEEK Radio PSA
Preview Lieutenant Governor YEAR-ROUND CO Awareness Radio PSA

It was December, 2008 when tragedy struck in Woodstock, Ontario, as Laurie Hawkins, her husband Richard and their two children Cassandra and Jordan all died of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning.  It was one of Canada’s worst-ever CO tragedies and the catalyst of an enduring Canada-wide mission to make CO alarms mandatory in every household. John Gignac, a retired veteran firefighter, has been leading the cause as Executive Director of the Hawkins-Gignac Foundation for CO Education. It was his niece and her family who perished in that terrible accident.

In presenting Mr. Gignac with an Order of Ontario last year, Her Honour the Honourable Elizabeth Dowdeswell, Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, heard John Gignac’s heart-felt story in person. This inspired her to offer to help increase Ontarians’ awareness around the issue of carbon monoxide safety. The Lieutenant Governor is featured in the Hawkins-Gignac Foundation’s brand new TV, radio and web Public Service Announcements slated to be released this Wednesday in anticipation of Ontario’s Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week, Nov 1 – 7.

The new radio, TV and web productions were taped in the Lieutenant Governor’s Suite at Queen’s Park.  One version is designed for airing during Ontario’s Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week, and the other, can be broadcast year round.

Ontario has been a leader in CO safety, as the second jurisdiction in the country to enact a mandatory CO alarm law for all homes at risk of this lethal gas.  We know your audience will be moved by these spots, and then take action to protect their own families.  This is potentially life-saving education – as a vast number of Ontarians remain unprotected either because they have yet to install a CO alarm or don’t realize CO alarms do not last forever and must be replaced every 7-10 years.


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Suggested air dates: For CO Awareness Week PSA Versions suggested air-dates is now through Nov-7. The second version is suitable for Year-Round use.

Lieutenant Governor CO Awareness Week TV PSA MXF: Telecaster: 504412
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Suggested air dates: now through November 7th (CO Awareness Week is Nov1-7)

Lieutenant Governor CO Year-Round TV PSA MXF : Telecaster 504411
30 seconds – OP1a (.MXF) broadcast files with closed caption embedded
Suggested air dates: year-round

Ontario’s New CO Alarm Law – Produced April, 2015

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