To begin the process of protecting your family, follow these steps:

Step One

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Have a licensed inspector give your fuel-burning systems the all-clear before turning on the heat each fall. That means venting as well!

Step Two

Install at least one CO alarm in your home – one per floor is recommended by the National Fire Protection Association and, at a minimum, outside sleeping areas. In Canada, safety organizations stress that when you buy a carbon monoxide alarm, make sure it has a CSA 6.19-01 certification sticker on the package. It is also the law now, in the Yukon.

Step Three

Never bring gas generators, propane heaters or other equipment inside your home or garage. These are rated for outdoors use only!

Am I protected?

  • I have my heating systems and vents checked and cleaned by a licensed professional before winter each year.
  • I have installed at least one CSA-approved carbon monoxide alarm in my home, outside bedrooms. (One alarm per floor is recommended)
  • I have replaced any CO alarm that is over 5 to 10 years old and installed fresh batteries at least once per year.