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Posted on 24.12.2014 in the General category

This is the story of what has happened to me over the last 3 months. I urge you to PLEASE read it. It could save your life or keep you from becoming very, very ill!

Flashback to 3 months ago:

I start feeling ill with dizzy spells and the feeling of coming down with the flu. A couple of weeks go by and I am still feeling this way. I decided I better see a doctor because something is just not right. The doctor tells me it sounds like I have hypoglycemia and makes an appointment for me to meet with the dietitian.

After meeting with the dietitian and following her advice a couple weeks go by and I still feel ill. I go back to my family doctor and he decides he is going to test me for an insulin secreting tumour. The test is done and comes back normal.

Now I go to a naturopath in Kitchener. While driving there I have a dizzy spell and get pins and needles in my hands but manage to make it there okay. He tells me I have a parasite and food allergies and gave me some natural cures.

On the way home I begin to feel very ill and get pins and needles in my hands and become very dizzy. The next thing I notice my fingers are starting to curl up and then my hands clenched tight and I could not open them. I pull the car over and call 911. The ambulance took me to Stratford emerge where I spent 8 hours having blood work and various tests done. The doctor then tells me that I was hyperventilating and that I should carry a brown paper bag around with me so next time this happens I can breathe into it. I went home very tired and frustrated.

As each day goes by I am becoming sicker and sicker and end up in St. Mary’s emerge. They check me over and say they can’t find anything but insist on giving me a prescription for “mother’s little helper” pills and say that I have anxiety. Again, I tell them, no, I don’t have anxiety! Frustrated, I go home.

In the meantime, I also had a CT – also normal. Another week goes by and now I feel deathly ill. I am unable to do house work or cook meals and can barely make it through a few hours at work.
Sunday night I was sitting on my couch feeling very, very ill and happened to look over at the carbon monoxide detector on the wall in my living room. I see a number on it and decide to pull it off the wall and take it into my kitchen where I have a new gas fireplace. The number on the detector soared. I turned the fireplace off and went to the internet to look up the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning. Sure enough, EVERY symptom I had was listed.

The number one symptom from all the research I have done is “flu-like” symptoms, yet not one doctor picked up on it. The rest of my family were okay with the exception of my 6 year old who was complaining saying, “Mommy, I don’t feel well”.

After having the fireplace tested, we now know that it had a leaky valve right from the day it was hooked up.

Please take the time to check your carbon monoxide detectors. If you don’t have one, get one! Make sure you have one with a digital number on it and not one that only makes noise. Thank God I listened to my Mother-in-law who kept bugging me to get a new one! I did and it happened to be one with a digital reading on it.

That is the only thing that saved me and my family. I hate to think what would have happened if I didn’t notice and we were home for two weeks over the Christmas break. Please send this to everyone you know! It may save a life.


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