We Need CO Legislation Province-Wide

Posted on 24.12.2014 in the General category

What a great tribute to Laurie and her family. I can’t even imagine what you and the family have been through over the past year but I share a bit of your pain every time our crews run a CO call knowing that there could be another needless death.

Your goals for the foundation are high but our reach must always be further than our grasp or we do not advance.

Toronto has had a by-law for some years that requires at least one CO alarm, near bedrooms, in each dwelling unit where a fuel fired appliance is used. We use it mostly for public education and try to run a media campaign at least once each year.

I think it has helped but we need this same legislation to be province wide. We are also doing a door to door smoke alarm campaign and include a check for CO alarms and install dual units if needed.

I think that private members bills in the legislature are a good start but seldom make it into law so we need to push hard with the government. I would be happy to help in any way I can.

F. Lamie, Deputy Fire Chief, Toronto Fire Services

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