Only If I’d Had More Education About CO Poisoning

Posted on 24.05.2014 in the General category

I just want to say what a great foundation you have created. My life was turned upside down this summer, when my common-law husband and our dog lost their lives in our home due to Carbon Monoxide poisoning. I was always taught to have a CO detector in the basement and the CO comes from the furnace. However, my loss came about when there was a kitchen fire, but not enough oxygen to keep the fire going, therefore CO took over the house. Maybe if we had detectors upstairs, their lives could have been spared.

I can’t tell you how meaningful this battle you have created is to someone like me, if only I had more education about CO poisoning my life may not be ruined.

Please continue your battle to save lives. Thank you for your hard work and dedication.

O. Knight

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